What's it like for PG students living in Bath?

Posted 4 weeks ago

PG students share their thoughts and advice

We asked some of our Postgrad students about their experience living in our accommodation in Bath. Here's what they said: 

Tianyu (PhD Research Programme in Architecture): Residing in a city accommodation can give you a sense of being a member of the community of the historic city in Bath. It enables an easier access to a wide range of utilities, e.g., café, groceries, restaurants. You could feel free to attend bars, if you like, without worrying about catching late night buses back to the campus! I have been staying in the Clevelands Building Accommodation for almost half a year, and I am quite happy about my living experience here. Clevelands Building is just about a 10 minutes walk from the Pulteney Bridge, which means that you are near to many wonderful cafés, florists, bars, as well as the supermarkets. This offers you a much wider variety of goods when doing shopping, which is very suitable for international students or those who care more about their living quality and experience. It is also more convenient to visit your friends as most of the postgraduate students are living in the city. My suggestion for students choosing their accommodation is to check the transport options nearest you and think about what your daily routine may look like to help when you're deciding. 

Dan (PhD Research Programme in Education): Living in the city centre accommodation has been an absolute delight for me as an international student! Not only do I get to enjoy the warmth and camaraderie of a big family with my flatmates, but the activities organized by the ResLife Team add an extra layer of excitement to my experience. One memory that stands out for me is the time I joined a walking tour from the city centre to Alexandra Park. We made our way through the bustling streets and lush pathways, chatting with fellow walkers along the route, and the view from the top of the hill was simply breath taking! Looking out over the beautiful city of Bath spread out below us was a sight to behold, and it filled me with such joy. What made the experience even more cheerful was the opportunity to connect with friends and ResLife ambassadors along the way – their kindness and warmth made me feel right at home.