A guide to departing your accommodation

Posted 2 months ago

Before you head off for your summer adventures

Congratulations on an amazing year at the University of Bath! As you prepare to head off for summer adventures, here's a helpful guide to ensure a smooth departure from your university accommodation.

Important dates and deadlines:

  • Open Day: Mark your calendars! The University is hosting Open Day on Friday, 14 June, and Saturday, 15 June. Expect a lively and busy campus atmosphere, especially regarding car parking. You may want to consider planning your departure before or after Open Day if possible.
  • Departure agreement: Don't forget to complete the online departure agreement. This is a crucial step before you move out.

Preparing to leave:

  • Checklist: Complete the student departure agreement. 
  • Communicate and conquer: Have an open conversation with your housemates about cleaning responsibilities. This includes shared bathrooms, social spaces, kitchens, and hallways. Discussing this early ensures a smooth exit for everyone. 
  • Library books: Make sure you have returned all your library books. These can be taken to the Library or the drop box in Virgil Building.

Leave No Trace

We ask that you support our Leave No Trace initiative when you clear your room.

You can sort your unwanted items into the following sections:

  • Clean kitchen equipment (glassware, crockery, pans etc). 
  • Electrical (including batteries, cables and chargers). 
  • Mixed items (good condition stationery, books, games, shoes etc). 
  • Non-perishable food (packets and cans).

These can all be left in the provided crates or bags at your designated donation point.

Unwanted clothing can be taken to a British Heart Foundation donation point on campus or in the city.

If you have any leftover or unwanted food you can donate these to our Community Larder for other members of our community to use. Guidance on what you can donate can be found on our Community Larder webpage.

Moving day has arrived:

  • Key return: Before you leave, remember to return your keys and any temporary access cards to the West Accommodation Centre if you live on campus. If you live in city accommodation you can return you key to the key drop off box within your accommodation. John Wood and Green Park House will need to return keys to the City Accommodation Centre. 
  • Mailbox: Don't forget to collect all your post and any outstanding parcels before you leave.
  • Waste: The University of Bath is dedicated to sustainability. Help us keep our campus green, separate your waste into the correct recycling bins before departing. 

A gentle reminder:

As per your tenancy agreement, please leave your room in a similar condition to how you found it.

Lost and found:

Oops! If you accidentally leave something behind, don't panic. Contact the operations team at reslifeops@bath.ac.uk, and they'll do their best to locate your missing item.