Life in City Halls

Posted 10 months ago

All the advantages of living in the city whist at Bath

For incoming students who will be living in the city centre, don’t worry you won’t be missing out!

Living in the city during your first year at Bath may not have been your initial choice for university accommodation. However, rest assured, I am here to tell you about the support you will receive in city halls and the many advantages of having the city centre right at your doorstep.

ResLife support in city halls

Every city accommodation block has a dedicated ResLife Ambassador Team ready to assist you with questions, provide valuable advice, and convey essential information throughout the academic year. Be sure to look out for your ResLife Ambassadors during the first few weeks of university, as they will be conducting household visits.

Within each of the city halls accommodation blocks, you'll also find recently renovated communal lounges, providing perfect spaces for socialising, studying (especially during exam season), and hosting a wide range of events. The ResLife Team has utilised these areas to bring exciting activities directly to city residents, including jewellery making sessions and city accommodation mixers.

And it doesn’t end there. ResLife has organised a range of upcoming events in the city, offering more opportunities for city halls students to meet new people, at the beginning of term. These include a guided walk to Alexandra Park, bowling and an evening at the Sleight Magic Bar. Be sure to check them out and sign up for one of these events here.

The beauty of living in the city

Bath's city centre, though small, offers more than just shopping and Bridgerton backdrops. There are many benefits to residing in the heart of the city: you're only a 5/10-minute walk from Bath's stunning parks, the vibrant nightlife scene (trust me, it's better than you think), conveniently located supermarkets like Sainsbury's and Lidl, and an incredible variety of restaurants, from Thai to pizza to seafood - you name it! Also, being a UNESCO World Heritage site with its historic buildings and the Roman Baths to explore, Bath's city centre is undeniably one of the most beautiful places to live. Some might even argue it's prettier than the University of Bath's campus, but you didn’t hear that from me...

And don't forget, after your first year, most students live in town or Oldfield Park, located just outside the city. So, you'll have a head start in getting to know Bath and its surrounding areas and getting used to the joys of catching the bus up to campus.