Report maintenance issues in your accommodation

Posted 6 months ago

Simple solutions

How to report maintenance concerns. Focus on reporting in both bedrooms and communal areas. Both are important.

It could be a really sad experience going back home after a day of lectures and finding out that the hob is not working, or there is no hot water in the bathroom. This is why the ResLife team is always prepared to sort out problems in the student accommodations for you. This article is to inform you how you can quickly and efficiently reach the ResLife team for support on maintenance. 

The first way is to report the maintenance issue online using the University of Bath Self-Service Portal. You may also find this link by scanning the QR code on a poster in your kitchen.

After logging into the portal, you will be directed to the ResLife Fault or Issue page.

Here, you need to specify what kind of issue you are having, e.g. accommodation fault (which covers the failure or malfunction of all kinds of devices and items in the student accommodation), cleaning or laundry. Most of the maintenance issues could be categorised as “accommodation fault”. Then you need to add a brief description to the issue you report, e.g. “oven not working”.

Finally, you need to add a detailed description of the issue, including the exact position of the object to be maintained, why and in which way it needs to be maintained. After submitting the form, you will receive within a few minutes an automatic reply indicating that the problem you reported has been registered; this means that the ResLife team has received your report and will soon sort it out for you.

The second way is to report the maintenance issue by sending an email to In the letter, please clearly indicate who are you, where are you living, and what exactly the problem you want to report.

If you are, unfortunately, running into an emergent problem that presents an immediate danger to your personal safety, e.g. gas leak, fire or imminent risk of fire or explosion, substantial flood or leakage of water from plumbing, a large-scale loss of electrical supply (affecting more than one room), you can also call on 01225 383232 during office hours and 01225 385349 out of hours.

Our team is currently facing a high volume of maintenance requests, therefore unfortunately there may be some delays in the arrival of our staff. We kindly request you to keep calm – we are highly concerned about your wellbeing and will do our best to sort out the problems for you. If you need our support, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Report your maintenance request concern by clicking here.