Saying goodbye to your uni accommodation?

Posted 1 month ago

Find out how you can recycle and reuse your unwanted items

Going out of your way to get rid of unwanted items when you move out?

There's a better way! And you can help out next year's Freshers.

Use the crates provided in your accommodation

There are crates provided for:

  • Kitchen equipment, such as pots and pans
  • Non-perishable food, for example tinned food
  • Electrical items
  • Mixed items, including clothes

You can also put unwanted clothing items in the British Heart Foundation donation bins around campus.

Finally take your unwanted cleaning items to the crates in the laundrette. All your unwanted cleaning items will be cleaned and offered to students starting next year. 

Help be more sustainable and reduce waste on campus.

For more information about moving out, check out our guide to departing your accommodation