WiFi and phone sim deals

Posted 9 months ago

Stay connected for less

Whether you're new to the UK or a local Bathonian, getting connected and staying connected is important. If you're not careful though, you'll be paying more than you need to and will miss out on great bonuses for your student lifestyle. Here is a breakdown of how to connect to Uni WiFi and the current best phone sim deals out there.

How to connect to university WiFi

Eduroam is a free, global Wi-Fi service for students and university staff. You can also use it at many other universities around the world. If you are visiting from another university which uses eduroam, you can connect to the service here using your own university login details.

To connect to eduroam, you need:

  • your university email address, like abc123@bath.ac.uk
  • your university password

Your University of Bath email is made up of your username, like 'abc123', followed by '@bath.ac.uk'. You can find your username on your library card.

To connect to eduroam whilst on campus (including other University buildings):

  • If your device has internet connection (such as a 4G mobile phone) you can use the configuration tool
  • If your device does not have an internet connection (whilst on campus), you can connect to the ‘Setup Assistant’ wireless network in the Wi-Fi settings of your device

You can access more information on WiFi such as how guests/visitors can connect at any time.

Phone sim recommendations

To ensure you have the right amount of minutes, data, and bonuses without overspending, it's essential to pair your phone with a reliable network or SIM card.

We highly recommend purchasing your phone outright and opting for a SIM-only plan instead of committing to a costly 12 to 24-month contract. While this may require an initial upfront investment, the long-term savings will be significant, and you'll have the freedom to switch to a different phone network whenever you wish.

Here are some of the top SIM-only deals for phone networks available online:


  • Price (monthly) - £10.00
  • Texts - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Calls - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Data (5G) - 15 GB
  • Bonuses - Unlimited social media use (using certain apps doesn't eat up your data), flexible plan and improved Wi-Fi calling

Giff Gaff

  • Price (monthly) - £10.00
  • Texts - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Calls - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Data (5G) - 20 GB
  • Bonuses - 1GB of data reserved if you run out (after your third month of paying), flexible plan (change plan or cancel anytime) and use 5GB to roam in the EU.

Virgin mobile

  • Price (monthly) - £9.99
  • Texts - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Calls - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Data (5G) - 30GB
  • Bonuses - Flexible plan, unused data rolls over into the next month, data-free messaging on Whatsapp, Facebook messenger and X (the app formally known as Twitter).


  • Price (12 months) - £8.00
  • Texts - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Calls - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Data (5G) - 25GB
  • Bonuses - Get exclusive offers on a variety of products and services with the VeryMe Rewards app.

Asda mobile

  • Price (monthly) - £5.00
  • Texts - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Calls - Unlimited (UK only)
  • Data (4G) - 3GB
  • Bonuses - Flexible plan and roam in 46 European destinations.

These deals were sourced in September 2023, so make sure to do your own research to find the current deal that's right for you.