Bubble Tea @4 West Café!

Posted 6 months ago

Try all 5 different flavours!

As we navigate through the semester, there's something about 4 West Café that might have slipped under the radar for some of you knew to Bath… bubble tea! If you haven't discovered it yet, let me fill you in on this campus gem.

Whether you're in need of a quick refreshments between lectures or seeking a study break (close to the library) 4 West Café has you covered with a selection of classic and fruit-infused bubble teas. Picture this: the timeless classic milk tea, the calming matcha, and the intriguing taro bubble tea are all on the menu. And for those leaning towards fruity goodness, there's mango, passionfruit, honeydew, lychee, and honeypeach.

For our newer faces on campus, consider this your invitation to explore 4 West Café's bubble tea. It's been a hidden delight for some, and now it's your turn to join the bubble tea fan club. Swing by, grab your favorite flavor, and let's make 4 West Café a regular spot in your studying days.

Here are some of our favorite flavors— remember, the toppings can also be altered:

Classic Milk Tea


The classic milk tea is a fan-favorite for sure! A cozy and comforting flavor, and with the addition of tapioca or popping boba, nothing can really beat the classic!



If you're a matcha enthusiast, you've have to give the matcha milk bubble tea a try. It's a classic flavor that delivers those rich green tea flavors, blended perfectly into a creamy, delightful milk bubble tea!!



Honeypeach flavor is always a classic stable fruit flavor. It tastes so similar to ice tea peach and is perfect when you are desperately in need of a refreshment. Personally— my favorite!



The classic tropical punch of passionfruit takes center stage, creating a refreshing bubble tea that's hard to resist. It's a must-try for anyone seeking a tangy-sweet twist in their drink!



The honeydew bubble tea is for those who crave a refreshing sweet drink! It’s refreshing, casual and perfect for when it gets warmer outside.

Seems like we might want to make 4W a regular snack stop!