Parade: the vegan café on campus

Posted 5 months ago

Delicious top picks

A hidden gem on campus is Parade! It's an all-vegan food stop right across from the library, on top of the canteen, and it serves delicious vegan options. From smoothies, to hot food and bakery items, Parade has many options to choose from, as well as a great seating plan and views of the lake. In this article I will show you some the highlights of the cafe, and the a couple food options...

Korean Chickless Khobez

A vegan take on a classic Korean favorite: a savory, plant-based-chicken seasoned with an authentic Korean spice blend, all wrapped up in a soft Khobez flatbread. It has a lovely sauce and vegetables on the inside and is warm and fresh!


Bean and Potato Goulash

A delicious vegan version of a classic goulash dish with a side of beautifully roasted crispy potatoes. The goulash has perfectly cooked bell-peppers and beans with an enriched sauce that combines all the ingredients. Definitely my favorite dish on the menu!


When it comes to salads, Parade definitely does it best. Today there were three main options: Spice Quinoa and Soya bean on the left, Piri Piri Squash and Pear Barley on the top and Tabbouleh Salad on the left.

All three types of salads were delicious and had their own unique twist and flavor to them.

Spice Quinoa & Soya Bean

The spice quinoa was a blend of multiple spices including paprika and cumin that gave the quinoa a rich and smoky taste.

Piri Piri Squash & Pearl Barley

The Piri Piri squash and pearl barley were a dynamic duo of flavors – the bold kick of piri piri paired with the subtle sweetness of roasted squash and the chewiness of pearl barley, were a perfect combination.

Tabbouleh Salad

Meanwhile, the Tabbouleh Salad was on the lighter side, and brought a refreshing touch with its combination of finely chopped parsley, tomatoes, and zesty lemon dressing.

Prices (as at January 2024)

  • 1 scoop: £1.30
  • 2 scoop: £1.50
  • 3 scoop: £4.80

Additionally, there were other options such as the soup of the day, which today was leek and potato soup, as well as a peppered steak-less pasty for £4.25.

In terms of drinks, Parade offers a variety of smoothies with different mixer options such as plant-based milks. apple juice or water. The list of smoothies is the following: 

Today we tried the Berry Go Round and the oat of this world, and we went with almond milk and oat milk respectively. This is what the smoothies looked like: 

Berry-go-Round Smoothie

A mix of strawberry, raspberry, and blackberry blended with almond milk. It's a refreshing and fruity smoothie with a sweet and tart kick.

Oats-of-this-World Smoothie

Oats, banana, blueberry, flax seeds, and raspberry blended with oat milk. This smoothie is hearty and satisfying, with a balance of textures and natural sweetness from the ingredients.


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Regardless of whether you are a vegan, vegetarian or eat meat, Parade is a campus food spot to try, especially during Veganuary. Next time you need a study break, try the Parade across from the library.