Spend my Eat and Drink credit with me

Posted 9 months ago

How and where I spend them on a typical week

Hi! My name is Sam and I’m in my second year here at Bath studying Management with Marketing. I lived in Brendon Court last year, which is one of the accommodation blocks on campus that comes with Eat and Drink credit. Here’s a typical week of food and drink for me, which shows how I budgeted my Eat and Drink credit over the seven days…


I don’t know about you, but I really struggle to get going on Monday mornings… I like to treat myself to a proper breakfast to set me up for the day. You can normally find me and my housemates in The Pitstop on Monday mornings enjoying one of the full English breakfasts. After morning lectures, I’m still pretty full, so grab a quick snack from The Market for lunch. I like shopping here when I can, as the shop is packed full of ethical and sustainable goodies. I use The Refillery to grab some fruit and nuts, which means there’s no plastic packaging used. Win! By dinner time I’m pretty hungry so we head to lime tree at 7.30pm with our food containers to take advantage of the munch box deal. You can fill your own reusable container with any leftover food for just £2.50, which helps to reduce food waste. I love the pasta bakes there, so it’s a bonus when I can pick these up!


Breakfast at home this morning, as I’ve got plenty of studying to do. I meet a friend at 4W Café, it’s a great place to catch up with friends over mid-morning coffee. I squeeze in a quick run around the edge of campus, then grab a meal deal from The Market for lunch before lectures. I’m home around dinner time to find the flat group next to us have invited us all over for dinner, which is great news!


I wake up late today, so grab a quick coffee and pastry from The Market. After exercising my brain in the Library, time to exercise the rest of me at the Sports Training Village! After my class here, I grab a healthy baguette for lunch from the Sports Café. Back home for some chill time, then my housemates cook us all a delicious lasagne for dinner.


I’m up nice and early today, so eat breakfast at home before lectures. Afterwards I go for lunch with some friends from my course. Two of my friends are vegan, so we go to Parade, they love the fresh salads there. The University is really good at reducing meat on menus where possible, so there’s no red meat served on campus and plenty of really nice vegetarian and vegan options. 


I start the day by popping over to Pavilion Café for their breakfast munch box and a coffee using my Exchange cup. I love this idea, it’s basically a reusable cup that you can switch for a token if you don’t want to carry it around with you. There are no disposable cups on campus any more, a great idea to help the environment. After another exercise class (I’m doing well this week!) and a seminar, I head to Fountain Canteen. Every food outlet is offering a £1.50 value meal at the moment, to help with the cost of living. I pick up a yummy big box of noodles for just £1.50, one of my favourites. I head into town for the afternoon to do some shopping, then come back to get the lime tree munch box again for dinner with my housemates. Between us all, we must be saving a lot of food from going to waste!


I have a Saturday job in town, so before hopping on the bus I pick up a sausage bap from The Pitstop. I have some leftovers from yesterday for lunch, then cook dinner together with my housemates after I finish work, which we share whilst watching a film.


Back to the gym again this morning and then some breakfast in my flat afterwards. For lunch, we go with the flat group next door for a roast dinner in lime tree – it might not be my mum’s roast, but it’s still really good! We go for a walk around the edge of campus afterwards and call by the community fridge to see if there’s any goodies. We’re in luck and find a big bag of vegetables! We nip into The Market to buy a couple more ingredients, and hey presto, we’ve got enough vegetable curry to feed the whole of Brendon Court (almost.)

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