Weather in Bath

Posted 11 months ago

Prepare for the temperamental weather!

Autumn 🍁

Autumn marks not only wonderful cool weather but also the beginning of term! It's safe to expect good temperatures ranging from 10-16°C.

Winter ❄️

Snow isn't very common in Bath, but it can happen. Temperatures normally do get quite cold and can dip to even -6°C.

I think winter in Bath is absolutely magical. The city center converts into an incredible Christmas market with twinkling lights, handmade crafts and the smell of hot chocolate wafting through. The University sets up Christmas trees, a winter ball and various other Christmas activities. Despite the cold outside, campus will always keep you feeling warm.

Spring 🌱

With blooming flowers and warmer temperatures, spring comes as a wonderful break to the cold.

However, it is also one of the rainiest seasons. The UK is infamous for having rain all-year-round. It's a good idea to have a waterproof coat or umbrella on you, and also check the weather forecast frequently.

Summer 😎

Homes in the UK aren't really built to sustain the heat. Heatwaves are a real danger; make sure to keep yourself safe in high temperatures!

Try to keep the curtains and windows shut during the day to keep your room from getting stuffy

Drink lots and lots of water!

Going swimming is one of the best activities to beat the heat

A tip that I use is hanging a damp towel over an open window. This provides a nice, cool breeze.

Apart from extreme temperatures, summer can be pleasant and quite wonderful. It's a time to relax, go outside and enjoy barbeques.