What's it like working as a ResLife Ambassador?

Posted 3 weeks ago

Our RLAs tell you their thoughts

We asked 3 of our current ResLife Ambassadors about their experience working as part of the ResLife team.

How would you describe your work as a ResLife Ambassador? What sort of work do you do?

Jinita: The good thing about being a ResLife Ambassador is the number of different events and activities you can get involved in. I’ve worked on a variety of different events from running city tours, speaking at Applicant Visit Days, cultural events and languages classes to cooking classes and bake offs. Additionally, some of us have been trained in mental health and are able to work on student support, helping students who don’t feel comfortable in their accommodation. I have found this to be a really rewarding experience, helping students to feel welcome and comfortable and help them overcome challenges. The ResLife team also allows us to be really creative in our roles and if we have any suggestions of event ideas, they are keen to listen and take them on board.

Emily: The work is very varied, there’s lots of different tasks and activities to get involved in and you have a lot of flexibility with what you sign up for. My work so far has involved helping students move in during arrivals weekend, kitchen visits to city accommodation, a social media campaign for Veganuary and helping out at applicant visit days.

What drew you to the role when you first applied? 

Chaitanya: The flexibility of the role drew me in, as well as listening to the experiences of previous RLAs who had explained how much they enjoyed the range of activities they were involved with and the difference they made to the experience of students. I was interested in the hands-on activities where we manage events and trips, and the ability to celebrate cultures to ensure all students feel like they belong!

Jinita: This is actually my second year of working as a ResLife Ambassador, so you can tell I love the job! After having been in the role in my second year of Uni, I immediately asked to come back after my placement year. From being a nervous person when I arrived at the university myself, the ambassadors I met really helped me to settle in, and I knew I wanted to help people in the same way, so applying as an ambassador was a no brainer!

What has been your favourite part of working as a ResLife Ambassador so far?

Chaitanya: Helping with the Diwali celebrations and sharing my culture with international students who don't know about it and were eager to learn more. Also helping to run a trip to Wells, which was great fun!

Emily: I’ve really enjoyed working on the ResLife stand at the applicant visit days. It’s really nice having the opportunity to chat to prospective students and parents about student life at Bath and particularly to offer them lots of advice on accommodation since I know from experience this can be one of the most daunting things about moving to university.

Jinita: My favourite part has been the number of people I have met, both students and other RLAs. All the other ambassadors I have worked with have been so kind, friendly and welcoming. We are all so like minded, no matter what year you are in. It has been fascinating to meet people from different courses, year groups and even different parts of the world. I've really enjoyed the feeling after having run an event or helping people - a really rewarding experience. 

What would be your advice for any students thinking of becoming ResLife Ambassadors?

Emily: I would definitely recommend the role, not only is it a great way to earn some extra money, it’s also so much fun and doesn’t really feel like a job at times! If you enjoy talking to people and meeting new people, then it’s definitely the role for you as it’s very sociable.

Jinita: Definitely apply!! You can work around your studies, have the opportunity to help people, get to experience new events yourself, all with great pay and a great team!

Do you think you have what it takes to be a ResLife Ambassador? We are looking for a team of enthusiastic, motivated, and outgoing people who enjoy working creatively.