Going out in Bath

Posted 5 months ago

A student's guide

Bath may not be known for having the best nightlife in the UK, but the city has so many hidden spots that are great places for a night out! Moving from Liverpool to Bath, I was prepared for the nightlife at uni to be a lot quieter (which it is in comparison!) but there are still plenty of clubs, bars and pubs to explore, and there's definitely somewhere for everyone!


In first year, and before joining the uni, the biggest part of going out was always clubbing. The clubs in Bath are all underground, which was definitely the biggest shock to me at the start of the year. This can also make them feel quite small compared to other cities where the clubs all have 4+ floors, but I actually prefer this now as it means you always bump into someone you know! My flatmates and I frequently went to a few clubs in the city which seem to be the most popular - Labyrinth, Bridge, Komedia, Moles and Zero/Zero. We also went to Score on campus - the designated sports night for all the sports societies!

Mondays were spent going to Second Bridge for their 'Monday Night Bridge' nights. The first 100  tickets tend to be free and they do cheap drinks making it a very inexpensive night out! They also sometimes do themed free food nights so look out for those. Getting handed a free McDonalds burger in the middle of a club is definitely my idea of a good night!

Labyrinth is the most popular on a Friday or Saturday and has 3 bars and 2 main clubrooms so there are more music options available to suit everyone! My personal favourite is the 'disco room' where the floor lights up as a disco floor, the walls and ceiling are made of mirrors, and they play charts and 2000's music all night. The other clubroom is the 'main room' where they play 'EDM, dance and charts', I definitely recommend trying both rooms throughout the night.

Komedia definitely seems to be more popular now that I'm in my second year, with Fame Fridays being the most popular night to go to. Komedia is also the host of Bingo Lingo which is a popular night all over the UK, with tickets selling out really fast and reasonably priced drinks.

Moles and Zero/Zero are also popular clubs with most people going for their themed nights. Moles hosts ‘The Big Cheese’ on Tuesdays, featuring artists such as Abba, One Direction, and Taylor Swift! Then Zero/Zero hosts Latin Loco night every Thursday, very popular with international societies for social nights! 


If clubs aren’t your style and you'd rather have a more chilled night at a bar/pub, Bath has plenty of options! Starting off with more of the pubs, Bath Brewhouse is probably the most popular with students. It’s located just near Green Park house and has a lovely outside seating area. It is always very lively and you’ll more than likely bump into someone you know there! They also offer a student discount which is definitely a bonus, just show your student card when you order.

Next up on the list of pubs is the Cork, a pub in town with two floors and an outside terrace, they do weekly pub quizzes and have karaoke pods on the ground floor so there’s something for everyone! The other major pub is the Canon, it’s located in the centre of town and is quite popular amongst students, with many societies going there! They offer a 10% student discount on food and drink when you show your student ID, and they always have some sort of entertainment or sports being shown on the big screens (shown in the picture below). Some of their best deals are Wing Wednesdays, where every wing is only 40p, and 2-for-1 cocktails every day!

If you’re looking for a more lively cocktail bar, Be at One is right near the train station. It has locations all over the UK and is well known for being a very energetic setting, with swinging lights and flying ice cubes whenever the beat drops on a song (I know it sounds crazy but you have to go to know what I mean!). Their menu contains over 100 cocktails and students get a good discount, with every cocktail at only £6!

No matter what sort of night out you're looking for, Bath has something on offer. Try to explore the city and discover new places, there are definitely more hidden spots that I haven't mentioned and I'm still discovering them myself!