Transport around Bath

Posted 1 year ago

Get to the campus and the city with ease

Getting from A to B in Bath is actually really simple, but we understand how important it is as a student to navigate your way, not only to campus, but also to explore the exciting surroundings. From hopping on public transportation to finding convenient options for independent travel, we've got all the insider tips to help you get around like a local. You can download all the maps of Bath if you're feeling old school or learn more about the touristy routes around the city.

Walking & cycling

Around the city

Bath is a compact city with many attractions within walking distance. Lace up your comfortable shoes and explore the city on foot, trust us it's the best way. Walking not only keeps you active but also allows you to soak in the beauty of Georgian architecture and picturesque streets.

Bath is also a bike-friendly city, so consider investing in your own bicycle to zip around town. There are dedicated cycle lanes, paths, and bike-sharing schemes available. Cycling is not only an eco-friendly way to get around but also a great way to explore the city at your own pace.

Speaking of two-wheeled transportation, download the Voi app and you can grab yourself a carbon-neutral e-scooter. Covering nearly four square miles of the city (and plans to expand further in October 2023), just look out for the coral red scooter stands that are all across the city.

To and from campus

There are a few routes you can walk or bike from the centre of Bath (North Road, Bathwick Hill and Widcombe Hill). The clue is in the name of these routes, you will be faced with a steep uphill climb but should only take you 30-40 minutes. From the east of Bath you can take either Claverton Hill/The Avenue or Claverton Down Road.

Buses & trains

In the city and beyond

Bath has an extensive bus network that covers the city and surrounding areas and you can find the main station smack bang in the centre (along with the train and coach stations too). Grab a bus pass or even use contactless payment to make your daily commute more convenient.

The rail connections to other cities in the UK are also great too. We would definitely recommend your visiting family and friends to check trains for their choice of transport and you can make the most out of them too, either going back home for the weekend or exploring nearby destinations. You should also consider using Bath's coach services that connect to major cities and airports, giving you a cheap alternative to trains or taxis.

To and from campus

If you plan on commuting through public transport, we'd recommend using the dedicated uni bus service (appropriately named Unibus) as it connects the campus directly with the city centre. The First West of England Bath Unibus services are: U1, U2 and Service 20. Visit the First West of England website for more information. The independent bus company Abus also runs a route between Twerton, Combe Down, and the University campus (Service 22).

Taxis & car parking

Around the city

When you need a quick and convenient ride, taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber are available in Bath. They can be particularly useful for late-night journeys or when you're carrying heavy bags but they are definitely the most expensive travel option so use them wisely. The centre of Bath is also a clean-air zone so you may be charged for passing through or parking within the zone.

To and from campus

If you choose to drive or have a special someone travelling to the campus by car, then there are specific car parks for students and visitors. You will have to pay for parking during certain points of the day but if you time it well you can park on campus for free. There are four main car parks with one overflow section for the east car park.

Embrace the variety of transportation options, from public transportation to cycling and walking, to explore the city with ease and efficiency. Plan ahead, stay informed, and consider student discounts and shared options to make your travels more affordable.