Pizza exchange scheme

Posted 8 months ago

Reusable pizza boxes at lime tree

As part of the university's Leave No Trace programme, Lime Tree has launched a new pizza exchange scheme. The aim is to reduce the amount of cardboard pizza boxes that get thrown away each year, allowing you to make a positive environmental impact whilst still enjoying your favourite lime tree pizza (my favourite is Hawaiian - controversial I know!).

By taking part in the scheme and purchasing the reusable box, you will receive 20p off each pizza you buy in the future, so it's definitely worth it for those of you who visit regularly!

How it works

Getting involved in the scheme is really straightforward! When going to Lime Tree to buy yourself a pizza, you'll have the option to pay a one-off fee of £5 to get a reusable pizza box. After finishing your pizza, you have two options on what to do with your box:

1. Exchange your box for a token

The first option is to exchange your box for a token. A staff member will take your pizza box from you (which will then be washed and reused) and swap it for a token, this token can then be handed in the next time you buy a pizza for a fresh box!

The tokens are a great idea for people who live off campus and don't want to have to carry a pizza box on the bus home, or for those who like to do as little washing up as possible! 

2. Keep your box to bring back

The second option is to keep your box and take it home. You can then wash it yourself and bring it back to Lime Tree next time you want a pizza! Just hand the box over when you order and the kitchen will put your pizza inside.

Find out more about the pizza exchange scheme.