Sustainable food and drink on campus

Posted 1 year ago

Keeping it green

Ever thought about how that pizza you're eating impacts your carbon footprint? Or how the leftover sandwich you've just thrown away contributes to your environmental impact?

These are just a couple of things that are our Leave No Trace initiatives aim to address with our food and drink provision on campus. Read on to find out what you can do to get involved and make a difference. 

Sustainable Food Commitment

Our Sustainable Food Commitment focuses on five areas that have the largest climate impact, a key one being reducing food waste. There are lots of ways you can get involved with these initiatives - the good news is, they all save you money too!

  • Munch Box - grab your reusable container and to some of our outlets at certain times to bag some bargain food for just £2.50.
  • Too Good To Go - Download the Too Good To Go mobile app and get leftover food from The Market and Fresh at a discounted price. These bags are great value and often worth three times the price you pay.
  • Community fridge - Find this by the exit of Fresh. Any short-dated food is placed in here when available. It's all free to take but please only take what you need and will use!
  • Food donation points - You can leave in-date, non-perishable food in the donation trollies, located on and off campus at the end of each term.

The Exchange scheme

We're proud to have removed disposable hot drink cups on campus, saving a huge amount of waste from going to landfills. 

Instead of a disposable cup, you can take part in our Exchange reusable cup scheme. Buy a travel cup for £3, which you can use at any outlet. This can be used for both hot and cold drinks. If you don't want to carry this around, just swap it for a token, which you can exchange for another cup on your next visit. 

Terracycle scheme

Find out more about how you can Leave No Trace.

Did you know that you can recycle bread bags and snack packaging? Leave them in our grey recycling containers across campus and in the city.