Halls guest policy

Posted 11 months ago

We warmly welcome guests to our halls

We want everyone to feel at home, so please keep in mind a few guidelines to ensure a pleasant experience for all.

You are absolutely allowed to have guests stay overnight. However, the ResLife Team kindly asks that you inform them before inviting guests into your room, flat, and communal areas of the halls.

To keep things running smoothly in our residence, it is essential to follow the ResLife Code of Conduct.

Your guest must not stay at any one time for longer than 3 nights. You must not permit anyone to stay overnight in any communal area. You will be responsible at all times for the behaviour of your visitors or guests.

If the guests of any resident breaks any of the Residential Rules or University Regulations, or cause damage to University property the resident will receive the appropriate penalty and disciplinary action. The guest may also be asked to leave accommodation without notice.

In the halls, we aim to establish an inclusive atmosphere for everyone. Your compliance in following our guest policy is highly valued, as it prioritizes the welfare of all residents. If you require any clarification or have queries, feel free to contact the ResLife team promptly.