Aditi: What I eat in a day at University

Posted 7 months ago

As a biochemistry second-year student

University is tiring sometimes and life can be very demanding when balancing academics, working and socializing but my most comforting form of self care, is eating good food. So this is What I eat in a day studying at the University of Bath :)

My busiest day of the week is Thursday when I start the week off at 10:15 am and end the day at 8 pm I am not someone who can function on a grumbling stomach so I make sure to eat a good breakfast. On this wonderful Thursday that I wrote this, I managed to enjoy a few pancakes made by my lovely flatmate, Olivia before I left the house at 9:20 am.

After getting to campus and starting off with a few lectures, I started to hunt down some lunch. Campus food outlets can get quite busy but that’s usually because the food is good!! As it’s a long day, I have one packed dinner (most food outlets close past 8 pm) and I chose to pick up a nice hot lunch at The Parade which is the University’s Vegan food outlet and had a really good plate of potato wedges, butter bean salad and a cheese and tomatoes turn over. I usually use lunchtime to catch up on some work or just spend time chatting with friends after which I’m off to my 1:15 pm lecture.

Around 3pm, I start to get drowsy and need a little pick me up coffee to keep my gears turning! I end up enjoying on either at 4W or the Lime Tree and I am definitely not a black coffee person so it’s usually a cappuccino or a latte.  

After two more lectures from 4:15 to 6:05 pm, I grab a few snacks at the market (I have been obsessed with the Reese’s peanut butter cups) and I get set to pull off a little shift as a Climate Champion going around accommodations to hold quick recycling workshops.  

I end my at finally at 8 pm when I am a bit to hungry (the cold and all the walking always have my stomach grumbling) so I make my way to the SU, warm my noodles and enjoy dinner before I make my way home!