Tips for getting along with your flatmates

Posted 1 year ago

Living in halls is a great opportunity to meet new people

Introducing yourself to strangers and living with people you've never met might be daunting at first but you'll soon get the hang of it. Who knows, you might find friends for life! However, it can also be tricky sometimes, especially if you have different personalities, habits and expectations.

To prevent conflicts and enjoy your shared living experience, here are some tips on how to get along with your flatmates.

Invite your flatmates to do things with you

One of the best ways to build lasting relationships with your flatmates is to share experiences with them. It can be something simple like going to the cinema, exploring the city, or just having a meal together. Try to find some common interests and hobbies that you can have fun as a group and chat about.

Make a rota

It’s better to set some rules and make a rota as soon as possible. This can be about taking out the rubbish, washing the dishes right away, or agreeing to clean the common areas every Saturday. This will save disagreements in the long run.

Go food shopping together

This can help you save money and avoid waste by buying in bulk and sharing the costs. You can also plan a flat meal where you can cook together and enjoy some tasty food as a group.

Play some music in the kitchen

This is a good way to let your flatmates know you’re around, and sharing some tunes can be a great conversation starter! Maybe create a Spotify playlist for the flat that you can all add music to.

Cook or bake

You’ll be sharing a kitchen with your flatmates so go into the kitchen when you hear other people in there and cook dinner or bake snacks together. This is a great ice-breaker and will make everyone feel a bit more at ease.

Start conversations

Yes, it’s easier to wait to be spoken to but that won’t get you anywhere. That doesn’t mean walking into a room full of people and being the loudest person there, but finding out more about your flatmates will help build relationships.

Be respectful

Living with flatmates means you have to be considerate of their feelings, schedules, and preferences. For example, if your flatmate has an important exam or meeting the next day, don’t play loud music or invite friends over at night.

Living in halls can be a wonderful and fun experience if you follow these tips and make an effort to get along with your flatmates. You will not only have a comfortable and harmonious living environment, but may also make some lifelong friends along the way.