Support and advice for issues in your flat

Posted 8 months ago

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

If there is an issue within your flat, seek advice and guidance via the Support and Report Tool or speak to a student ResLife Ambassador.

Occasional disagreements with your flatmates are a totally normal part of shared living. However, there’s support available if anything happens that is making you feel unsafe, unwelcome or disrespected – those behaviours are #NeverOK.

Lots of common disagreements between housemates can be resolved with an open conversation. However, if you would like advice and support with dealing with a situation you can always ask for help. We will listen and take you seriously.

Here are some common FAQs to guide you:

Who should I talk to?

  • You can speak to a trained adviser by requesting support through the online Support and Report Tool.
  • For an informal conversation with a fellow student, you could also speak to a ResLife Ambassador. Simply email, and they will put you in touch with a friendly ResLife Ambassador, who will be there to talk, and offer support and guidance.

What is Support and Report?

  • An online tool that is an efficient way to request support for a situation that has impacted you.

What happens when I submit a Support and Report form?

  • The form is entirely confidential and will be received by an advisor in the Student Support Department.
  • After receiving your form, they'll contact you within a couple of days to find out more about the situation, provide guidance, support options, and explain the choices you have to improve the situation.

I don't want to create any trouble by reporting someone.

  • Submitting a form through Support and Report is not making a formal report about someone. When you speak to an adviser they will explain your options, which will include how to make a formal report if you want to.
  • You will never be pressured to make a formal report, and you will always maintain control over how the situation is handled. The only circumstance in which an advisor may need to act without your permission is if there is a belief that you or someone else is at risk of harm, and you will be informed if this occurs.

I don’t know if the problem is serious enough.

  • Raising concerns at an early stage, before they escalate, often leads to quicker and simpler resolutions. Both ResLife Ambassadors and Support and Report Advisors are here to assist you with a range of
  • If you've been affected by something, we encourage you to share it with us so that we can help. issues.

So, if you've been impacted by unwanted behaviour, please let us know here.