Visiting Bath in summer and need a place to stay?

Posted 2 months ago

Stay on campus and save £££

Summer plans are pending...if you're wanting to spend time in Bath over the summer months with friends or family, whether it's to explore Bath's popular tourist attractions, bask in the sun at the Royal Crescent, or have booked an event in the area, you'll need a place to stay! 

So you're probably thinking of booking a hotel room, but at those eye-watering prices you might think again...

That's where we come in!

You may be unaware of this but our rooms are available to book during the summer months when students have finished for the year (and before the new students arrive). From as little as £54 a night, those summer plans are looking more appealing. 

So other than the price, why might you want to stay?

  • Location: Our accommodation is right in the centre, making it perfect for a city break or if you want to explore more of what Bath has to offer. You won't find accommodation that's as affordable and as close to the action as our rooms.
  • Family & friends: We know a lot of students have moved far away from their homes, meaning they have limited chances for their loved ones to visit. Summer might be the only time they can come and see your new home city, so why not book a weekend away? Our accommodation is suitable for the whole family (including the little ones!).
  • Extended stays: Sometimes you need to stay a little longer in Bath than you had originally planned... exams, work, graduation and life in general might mean you ideally need to spend a few more days on campus - which is no problem at all as we offer both our city accommodation and the rooms located on campus.
  • Exclusive discount: If you are a member of staff or University of Bath alumni, you can receive a 10% discount when booking a room in our guest accommodation for yourself, a family member or a friend. Just contact our team when booking directly: 01225383441

So whether you plan on visiting Bath for touristy activities, work, or just need a few more nights - consider staying with us, again!