Katie: What I eat in a day at University

Posted 5 months ago

As a politics and international relations student


Starting the day off strong, I have a coffee and pastry for breakfast. I keep a pack of pastries in my freezer which are amazing for a quick breakfast when I don't have a lot of time in the morning.

A cup of coffee is also a must for me before a full day of lectures!


I'm usually on campus by lunch time so am always on the look out for a cheap and delicious lunch to fuel me through the day. My absolute favourite campus lunch is at 4 West Cafe. Here they do the most yummy cheese and marmite toastie, which is a must try! Something about the sofas and social atmosphere in 4 West also makes it such a nice place to stop for lunch on campus. I'll also grab a coffee here if I'm feel extra drained by the day's lectures. The vanilla chai latte is my go to here.


A full day of lectures calls for some snacks. I went to the Market and picked up some crisps and a coke - more caffeine! This was needed before my last lecture of the day.


I ended the day with dinner back at home. I cooked some simple stir fry noodles which I shared with a friend in front of the TV. I love cooking for my friends and it makes the cooking process so much more fun when the food is shared. A plate of home cooked noodles was just what I needed after a busy day on campus!