Islamic Society: prayer rooms

Posted 4 months ago

Everything you need to know

Content provided by Jibraan Kidwai Vice-Chair (Brothers) of the Islamic Society. 

The prayer rooms on campus are located in Norwood House, Level 4. 

There is a large prayer room, including a wudu area, which is segregated into sisters’ and brothers' sections. Brothers can access their side using the south stairs of Norwood House and sisters can access their side using the north stairs (through the SU building).

Jumu’ah: During prayer times people may gather to pray in congregation and every Friday during term time there are sessions for Jumu’ah prayer, for which timings are announced online (usually on the BUIS Announcements channel on WhatsApp). The main prayer room can also be used as a study and social space for the Muslim community on campus.

In addition, there’s a small prayer room which can be accessed using the south stairs of Norwood House (also Level 4). This room can be used to pray outside normal praying times, or as a general space for independent, quiet prayer.

ACCESS: The large PR requires special access on your library card, and the small PR is entered with a code, both of which you can get by the committee.

Download the full Fresher's Guide for more information.

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