How to use the Munch Box scheme on campus

Posted 7 months ago

Hungry after a morning full of lectures? Need a cheap eat?

Check out the Munch Box scheme!

Bring your own food container and fill up with surplus goodies for just £2.50. The best thing about Munch Box is you not only enjoy a delicious meal but actively contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly dining culture on campus.

The Munch Box scheme is available at lime tree, Sports Café, Fountain and Pavilion Café so there’s plenty to choose from.

Now, let me let you in on some personal recommendations...

The best place to head for the Munch Box offer is the lime tree at lunch time. Here you can fill up your container up with a hot main and sides, and there are different cuisine themes for each day.

I went on Curry Wednesdays and got a Thai curry, side of rice, veggies, and potatoes all for £2.50. And look at that portion size!

What’s so great about Munch Box is its value for money, I’m always looking for good deals on campus and this deal never leaves me hungry (or broke!).

Watch out for the timings though as you’ll only be able to get your hands on this deal at these times:

  • Lime tree lunch: Monday to Friday, 2pm, Sunday, 5pm
  • Lime tree dinner: Monday to Friday, 7.30pm
  • Sports Café: Monday to Sunday, 3pm
  • Fountain lunch: Monday to Friday, 2.20pm
  • Pavilion Cafe breakfast and lunch: Monday to Friday, 11am and 2.30pm

Happy munching and don’t forget your reusable container!

Find out more about the Munch Box scheme.