Jibraan: What I eat in a day at University

Posted 4 months ago

Halal food and drink on campus

Psychology student Jibraan talks us through what his day looks like in terms of halal food and drink on campus.

Mondays being the start of the week are also one of my most hectic days and to ensure I eat properly and on time I generally have a meal plan. For breakfast, I like making myself an oat milk and blueberry smoothie. I have a mini smoothie-making setup in my room complete with a nutribullet and some nuts which gives me a quick, healthy and filling start to the day. 

After heading to campus, I usually have lectures, seminars and meetings and often squeeze in a quick lunch at lime tree. The £1.50 pasta is definitely a go-to as it’s really budget friendly. If I am in a hurry I would just grab the steakless vegan pasty and have it on my way to a lecture. On days when I am in the mood to have a sit-down lunch, the halal chicken mains with sides are what I would prefer. They have multiple options almost every day and I personally absolutely recommend them!

If I am near the SU, I would drop by the Market as they offer great meal deals with many vegan and halal options. The chicken tikka sandwich is probably the best ready to go sandwiches on campus and is always in demand so I would recommend trying and securing one before lunch time. Paired with a packet of crisps and a Lucozade, it definitely makes for a quick and scrumptious meal. 

An honorary mention also goes out to Fountain Canteen as they have some amazing fish & chips, vegan hot dogs and multi-cultural street food options, most of which have vegan and halal options. 

I generally have dinner at home and I enjoy cooking so I usually make myself a comfort meal. Pastas or fried rice or baked chicken are probably what I make the most as they are one-pan meals and I like to meal prep them!

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