Bath City Farm

Posted 2 weeks ago

Everything you need to know before visiting!

The Easter break is a perfect opportunity to explore new places in and around Bath! As the weather begins to improve, Bath City Farm is a beautiful place to go to see some very cute animals. The farm is also perfectly located to give you some amazing views of the city!

What's on offer:

The farm is home to numerous animals including chickens, alpacas, pigs, sheep and pygmy goats. There are also two shetland ponies, but they can be a rare sight as they move from the fields to the pens. 
There are also numerous nature trails with beautiful fields, woodlands, ponds and views of the city. 

The cafe and farm shop on the farm are definitely worth the visit, with the farm shop offering eggs that are provided by the farm's own chickens! 


Bath City Farm is located in Whiteway, about a 15-minute walk from the Oldfield Park area! For those of you on campus (or if you don't fancy the walk from Oldfield) you can get the U2 bus from campus to St James Cemetry, then get the 5 bus from the same stop to Mount Road. From Mount Road, it is only a short 3-minute walk up the road to the farm, meaning the whole journey from campus will only take 30 minutes. 


The farm is completely free to enter, but donations are always welcome as it runs as a charity. For £1 you can also buy a bag of food so that you can feed the Pygmy Goats! In my opinion, buying the food is definitely worth it and feeding the goats is my favourite part of the farm! 

There's also a lovely cafe on the farm, serving breakfast, lunch, drinks and cakes. The prices range from around £3 for a toasted teacake, to £10 for a Full English.

When to go:

The farm is open:

  • Tuesday-Saturday 9am-4pm
  • Sunday 9:30am-4pm

The cafe and farm shop are open:

  • Tuesday 9am-3pm
  • Wednesday-Friday 9am-4pm
  • Saturday and Sunday 9:30am-4pm

Make note that the farm isn't open on Mondays!