All about... The Market

Posted 9 months ago

A hidden gem nestled on Level 2 of the Student Centre

It's the kind of place where sustainability, ethical choices, and pure convenience come together. Let me take you on a tour of this awesome spot, filled with goodies that have made my time at the University of Bath even more fantastic!

Personal recommendations: chicken tikka wraps and bottled frappes

Now, let me drop some personal recommendations. When you step into The Market, don't miss out on the chicken tikka wrap – it's been my go-to treat. And if you're anything like me, a day isn't complete without a comforting Frappuccino. Trust me; they do it just right here.

Quiet hours

Here's something neat – there's dedicated quiet shopping hours from 10am to 11am and 7pm to 8pm, with reduced lighting and no music.

Online convenience

Now, if you're more into online shopping, The Market has got your back too. Their website is a treasure trove of University of Bath gifts, memorabilia, and clothing. You can carry a piece of your academic journey with you, no matter where you go.

Waste not, want not with Too Good To Go

I love this part – The Market is all about sustainability. They're on a mission to reduce food waste, and they've joined forces with the Too Good To Go mobile app. This means you can grab short-dated food items at a discount, helping the environment and treating yourself to some delicious treats. Win-win, right?

Discover more about The Market including opening times here