A mocktail adventure at lime tree

Posted 6 months ago

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Despite initially frequenting lime tree in my time at Bath for its delicious pizzas and pastas -it’s speciality according to me, I recently encountered yet another to savour the restaurant’s hospitality and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Just after 5pm till 8pm, a hidden gem in lime tree comes alive with students which you shouldn't miss – the lime tree bar which transforms into a haven for cocktail and mocktail enthusiasts every evening. With an enticing offer of cocktails at £6.95 each or 2 for £10 and mocktails at £3.50 each or 2 for £5, the lime tree bar experience promises to add a dash of flavour to your evening and is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of lectures.

I had the pleasure of witnessing a Mixology Masterclass by our own lime tree bartenders who concocted a few of the liquid gold cocktails and mocktails on offer which tantalised my taste buds to say the least. Hence, I wanted to share my experience as I observed the art of crafting exquisite cocktails and refreshing mocktails all the way from shaken to stirred!

It’s refreshing to see that as a non-alcoholic drinker myself, which a lot of students on campus can concur, there’s a variety of options of mocktails on offer in lime tree competing strongly with the alcoholic delights which students can bond and relax over in unison.

To test this out, I decided to embark on a mocktail adventure at lime tree, sampling 3 of their delightful creations. Hope you enjoy my candid review, complete with a rating out of 10 for each concoction:

Sunrise - 8/10

This drink, a dazzling (pun intended) take on the morning breakfast classic OJ, is a vibrant blend of orange juice poured over ice and grenadine, topped with soda, which is a refreshing burst of citrusy goodness to say the least. The ombre layers of colours created beautifully within the glass mimic the early morning sky, and the taste is equally radiant. The sweetness of the orange juice plays harmoniously with the tartness of the grenadine, making it a perfect choice for those who crave a fruity tropical twist and an overall uplifting experience. Though the colour does most of the heavy lifting, I can safely say I enjoyed it thoroughly but due to not being a big fan of the tartness as I have a particular sweet tooth, it didn’t top the charts for me.

Mojito Mocktail - 7/10

lime tree's take on the classic Mojito Mocktail brings together fresh lime and mint infused with sugar syrup, topped up with soda water. While the lime and mint flavours shine through, the syrup adds a touch of sweetness that might be a bit strong for some. For me on the other hand, it hits just the sweet spot! Overall, the perfect balance of the zesty kick of lime and oh so sweet sugar syrup with a minty undertone works in its favour making it a light and crisp option to refresh your palate. As a classic, I do enjoy this one in particular but because it’s a standard cliché with no USP in presentation unlike the others it didn’t impress or wow me enough to get top marks.

Virgin Blue Lagoon - 9.5/10 = Winner!

With a visually stunning and equally tongue-tingling experience, the Virgin Blue Lagoon steals the show for me. Crafted from alcohol-free blue curacao and topped with ice and Schweppes lemonade, this mocktail is a real masterpiece. The vibrant blue colour is definitely eye-catching, and the satisfying combination of flavours is well-balanced, creating a drink that's both sweet and tart with the subtle sweet yet citrusy notes of the curacao dancing on your taste buds. While all the mocktails at lime tree offer a unique and enjoyable experience, for me, this one with its wow factor is a winner and a standout favourite in terms of presentation and taste.

For the cocktail connoisseurs amongst you, here is a review of the 3 cocktails that my friends tried:

Caipirinha - 9/10

Kicking off the cocktail adventure is the Caipirinha, composed from Brazilian white rum with sugar syrup and fresh lime. This cocktail embodies the essence of Brazil, with a perfect balance of sweetness, citrusy zing, and the robust kick of white rum. The simplicity of its ingredients allows each element to shine, making it a must-try for those who appreciate the beauty of a well-crafted classic that's both sophisticated and delicious.

Cuba Libre - 8/10

Next on the lineup is the Cube Libre, a timeless concoction of dark rum with cola and lime. This cocktail pays homage to the iconic Cuba Libre, offering a bold and effervescent experience. The rich depth of dark rum blends seamlessly with the familiar taste of cola, creating a drink that's both comforting and invigorating. It's a classic choice for those who enjoy the traditional charm of a well-made rum cocktail.

Mojito - 8.5/10

Closing the cocktail trio is the Mojito, a beloved classic made from white rum with sugar, fresh mint, and lime, topped up with soda. The Mojito at lime tree boasts a perfect harmony of sweetness, minty freshness, and a hint of tartness from the lime. The tartness from the soda adds a lively kick, making it a crowd-pleaser for those who appreciate the vibrant and uplifting qualities of a well-executed Mojito.

Whether you're a cocktail connoisseur or someone who like me, prefers the alcohol-free route, the lime tree bar has diverse and enticing liquid-gold selections for everyone. So, why not head over to lime tree and embark on your own mocktail or cocktail adventure? Trust me…your taste buds will thank you! Cheers to a future delightful evening of enjoyment and discovery at lime tree ! 🍹✨