Pride 2024

Posted 1 month ago

How you can celebrate this year

Pride Month is a vibrant and important time of year, dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ identities, cultures, and communities. At the University of Bath, students have a wonderful opportunity to engage with, support, and celebrate Pride in lots of fun and easy ways. (check out how we celebrated pride on campus last month:

Whether you're a member of the LGBTQ+ community or an ally, here are some ways you can actively participate in Pride Month this year:

1. Participate in LGBTQ+ society socials

The University of Bath often hosts a range of events during Pride Month through its LGBTQ+ society and student union. These can include talks/workshops, social events and more! Some are for raising awareness, providing support or just celebrating diversity in general.

2. Attend Bristol Pride

Participating in Bristol's Pride is a powerful way to show support and solidarity. It's a fun and festive environment where you can meet people, enjoy the celebrations, and stand in solidarity with the LGBTQ+ community if you're an ally. Pride Day itself takes place on Saturday 13 July, plan your Bristol Pride now!

3. Educate yourself and others

Pride Month is also about education. The university library and other online resources offer a wealth of information about Pride and the support provided by the university for the LGBTQ+ community. You could also organise or join book clubs and discussion groups focused on LGBTQ+ authors and themes, or attend guest lectures and film screenings that explore these topics.

4. Support LGBTQ+ artists and businesses

Supporting LGBTQ+ artists and businesses is a great way to celebrate Pride. Look for events in or around the city that showcase LGBTQ+ artists or research your own local LGBTQ+-owned businesses. Purchasing art, eating at restaurants, or buying from businesses that support the LGBTQ+ community can make a big difference!

5. Volunteer

Many LGBTQ+ charities and organisations need support, especially during Pride Month. Volunteering your time or organising fundraising events can provide crucial help and show your commitment to the cause. Check with the university’s volunteering service for partnerships with LGBTQ+ organisations or other ways you can contribute.

6. Decorate and dress up

Show your pride by decorating your flat, wearing pride colours, or by having a good time for a good cause. This can foster a more inclusive atmosphere and make people feel more welcome.

7. Share your support on socials!

Use your Instagram, X or TikTok to share informative content, promote Pride events, and show your support for the LGBTQ+ community. Your voice matters and it's another easy way to participate in Pride this year.

Let’s make Pride 2024 a memorable and meaningful month for all! If you need support this month, it's here.